Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Patron rewards are pretty much on track to be finished this week. All the changes I proposed are in except for Demonic and Undead Servants.

Servants as hinted to in my previous post will be based on player ghosts. Basically there is space reserved in Hellband for 800 monsters, but only 697 are used, so there can be 102 servants and 1 player ghost at the time of writing. Obviously Servants will need to be stored in the savegame, since they are different from game to game. I’ve cloned the player ghost code for this purpose which violates one of my personal and corporate coding rules : no copy-pasting.. I might still re-visit this and merge player ghost and Servant code at a later point.

I’ve also checked the xp gaining weapons in Furyband and I think importing them into the Hellband codebase should be a fairly straight exercise. I will write up some design document before starting coding for player feedback.


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