Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Fury and Un


updates to Hellband have slowed down to a more sustainable rhythm, partly because of I've been busy with competition 80 and 81. I was second in 80 until the very end and currently am on the number one spot for 81.

Fury is a fun variant for people, like me, that liked ToME when it was growing and changing every week. It ads more craziness like Jedi Knights, and does it properly. Great games can add unbalanced features without making the game easier to win. I've been kicking ass but still haven't won the game.. I will steal the exp weapons from Fury, with only minor modifications ( who doesn't hate it when the poison realm gets assigned to your kick ass weapon.. ) 7/10 for Fury, had he not stopped development on it, it would be 9/10.

Un has been surprisingly good. I remember previous attempts with distaste and a sense of 'I want my time back'. The idea to 'find' notes all over the towns and dungeons is great, although I wish I'd actually find the actual note on the floor so that I could carry it and re-read it. I play so fast in town that the note is gone before I realize it is a note. Anyway, notes -> great idea, something to remember for Hellband. The other thing is that Un has done away with the left hand side stats part of the screen and it looks beautiful, which motivates me even more to do the same for the 0.8.8 release.

Still, Un remains bizarre. Apparently NO_TELEPORT is an upside when the item is uncursed.. Notice that others disagree :

q_ptr->art_flags3 |= TR3_NO_TELE; /* How's that for a downside? */

This code comes from Zangband where Stormbringer was deemed too powerful and got balanced by giving this flag, in Unangband it would be considered more powerful..
See comments. Still, point remains that every ego item I wear I now need to read a scroll of Phase Door or read spoilers to find out what the second ego item is that might have NO_TELE.

Still, I enjoyed the dungeons very much and the spells of competition 81 fit well together and Un gets a solid 7/10. Andrew is too much strolling from the beaten path and expects the player to either read change logs or read his mind ;)

And I have also still been coding in Hellband, current progress;

* No more warnings under Cygwin
* No more warnings under MSVC
* Demon Patrons are much revamped and as functional as before, still want to add more new stuff



  1. Hey thanks for the review.

    You're the second person to have made that suggestion about notes. They're all recall-able from the knowledge menu (~) once you've found them, but as I mentioned, I like the idea of having a physical object for each of them.

    As for the NO_TELE scandal: you found exactly one of two egos and no artifacts with that particular flag. The artifact and object power evaluation code also rates it as a negative. I'm not saying losing the ability to teleport isn't a downside: more a mixed benefit item - there are some situations where it might be useful.

  2. Hmmmm, good enough.

    What I am planning for Hellband in such a case is that once you identify it ( which I did in the game ). The game will inform you in the 'I'nspection screen that the item _might_ have NO_TELE, from there the player can play_test whether that is the case or not.