Thursday, November 02, 2006

Still working

Hmm, continuous updates are not my strongest point,
yet another blog doomed to die ;)

Anyway, races and classes are complete. Just fixing up some stuff, which makes me more stuff that needs fixin' etc. etc.

But if you want to playtest and you have a compiler and svn, go ahead and play around, it should be funner if you like Hellband before.

Right now I am re-orging the 'C' character screen, cramming a bit more information on that screen so that you need to press one 'h' less and you still get to see a new line, the most coveted 'Birth Sign' line ;) If this variant ever does get lift off, then lots of people should play with either Draco or Plutus or even Morui.

I might have overdone the hitpoint thing though, Titan descendant Warriors born under Draco are nigh unkillable ....


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